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"For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."   John 3:16

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Michael & Renae Bussen


BussensMichael & Renae are grateful to have grown up in Minnesota with good families and parents who are religiously conscious and concerned about God. However God seemed a million miles away and kind of scary and untouchable – so they knew about God, but did not have a proper understanding of the good news of Christ’s once for all sacrifice and salvation, and the personal love relationship anyone can have with Him through repentance and faith in the gospel.

Renae was led into that personal saving relationship with Christ through a High School friend, and Michael through a college football team-mate and the director of the Campus Crusade for Christ group there. Michael & Renae met at the Campus Crusade fellowship in University as they were both growing in the knowledge of the Bible and the Lord there. They learned early on in their Christian life that the Great Commission of Christ, to get the gospel out and make new disciples of Christ throughout the world, is the great cause that we are to be committed to as Christians. They were grateful that others had taken that seriously and had reached out to them as lost ones in America.

They were married in 1981 and felt called of the Lord to transfer to Moody Bible Institute shortly after, to serve the Lord in a vocational ministry. Michael also completed a seminary degree later on, but while at Moody he took a three week course taught by Open Air Campaigners evangelists which he considered the most helpful, practical ministry course he has ever had. After serving in a local rescue mission in Chicago, and then an international sports mission (playing on the first ever missionary football team in Europe ), God brought Michael back in contact with OAC.

In 1990 he was pointed to a need in OAC-Canada and was accepted on staff there as a missionary evangelist. For 18+ years there he endeavored to fulfill the two main callings of an evangelist (as per Ephesians 4:11 -12 and Romans 10:13 -15) to spread the gospel extensively and to equip and enlist more laborers (through OAC Bible college and church training seminars) to bring in more of the Lord’s harvest of souls. Also they were concerned to bless and help build up local churches where-ever they were. Renae and the kids were always active and invaluable participants in the outreach and church ministries there.

In 2008 after sensing that they needed to pace themselves differently in the second half of life, and that they had done all they could in OAC-Canada, the Lord directed Michael to respond to a call and need for help in the OAC-USA Central Services office. This ministry helps to facilitate the ministries of many OAC evangelists, not only in the USA but in many international branches as well. Michael is also excited about helping in evangelistic outreach and training with other OAC staff in Pennsylvania and in nearby New York City and elsewhere in the USA at different times of the year.

Michael and Renae are so grateful to the Lord for His grace to allow them the privilege of serving Him in a Great Commission missionary vocation. They are also extremely thankful for His people whom He has drawn to partner with their ministry through investing prayer and financial support and encouragement. We trust that much eternal-heavenly treasure will be realized and enjoyed together, and that the blessings of the Lord will compensate such support partners with an abundant earthly life as well. The Bussens are in need of new supporters, so if you want to join the team here is where you can contact them at the link below.
Anniversary: 2/28/81
Michael 3/7
Renae 4/3

Matthew 12/28/84
Sarah 1/18/91
Stephanie 11/9/94
John 12/18/96

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