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Chris & Faith Creech

Chris amp; Faith Creech

Prayer Letter of Chris and Faith Creech-November 23rd or thereabouts
Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

We are finally through with a long period of traveling all over the US and are now recuperating from a very busy schedule during the last couple of months. We have visited several churches, been to numerous meetings, and taught our seminars in many different venues.

We are very excited about the results of the last few weeks. When we returned from Malaysia, we were unsure if the material we had developed would be accepted by the American Church. The material had to be culturally changed to be more sensitive to Americans and American tastes. It has been a daunting task with a quite a few changes.

However, the evaluations that we have heard from churches during the last few weeks have been spectacular to say the least. The material has been well received with constant praise from those who have attended. We really feel we have hit the “sweet spot” concerning where American churches are hurting and how to address the numerous problems which they are facing. We are very gratified to see the Lord’s blessing. Even at our old ages, we see that our ministry can be a significant contribution to churches and ministries in the US, Asia and wherever else the Lord may lead.

We have also seen a possible blessing in another area. As many of you know, Faith had to be hospitalized for a migraine on one of our recent trips. She has been seeing a pain specialist for the last month. He is doing several procedures called an ablation. These essentially burn the nerves in the cervical area of her neck. The hope is that this will prevent her migraines. Please be in prayer that these procedures work. The headaches have progressively worsened over the years. If this procedure doesn’t work, she will be in real trouble during our upcoming trips. If the procedure does work, she will be able to continue her ministry with female missionaries, pastor’s wives and female church leaders overseas and here in the US. The trick is that we have to purchase plane tickets before we know if she is healthy enough to travel. So, we are having to purchase tickets for our next trips by faith.

Now, on to the present: We have a little over a month to switch back to Asian culture. I now have to prepare syllabi, class notes, etc. for teaching in four Asian cities in three countries. We leave a couple of days after Christmas and will be in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. We will return in the middle of February.

Kind of hard to believe we are partially retired as our schedule can be quite grueling. But with your help, we have the funds for travel. We deeply appreciate each of you for your prayers and financial support. Without your help, we could not afford the travel that our ministry now requires. Thank you for all of your help.

Please be praying for the upcoming trip and the steps of preparation that we are now making. We really need your prayers concerning stamina as we will be facing our old adversary again, “jet lag.” Pray particularly for Faith’s health. Please also pray for receptive hearts as we will be teaching the same material we have taught in the past and are also now teaching in the US (but with an Asian perspective).

We are also grateful that enough funds have been raised so that our teaching assistant, Bessie Lim will be able to make the trips with us. As we have shared in the past, she is real blessing to us and to our students. To those who have prayed for her and supported her, we want to thank you for making her participation possible.

I also want to ask your help by taking a look at our new website. If you can build a link between your church or other organization website, I would really appreciate it.

The address is

Guess that’s about all for now. We pray for each of you that you might have a wonderful holiday season. Have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas. And, please be sure to let us know if you have any prayer requests that we can lift up to the Lord.

Verse of the week: “God is not a man, that He should lie, Nor a son of man that He should repent; Has He said and will He not do it? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?” Numbers 23:19

Your forever friends in Jesus,

Chris and Faith Creech
204 Crooked Creek Rd. 1-6
Fairplay, CO 80440

Chris 12/24
Faith 12/26






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